Well, this is me…

I’m a regular late Generation X guy, born in early 80s in the heart of the Europe – Czech Republic. Since I was a young boy I was into all kind of vehicles… Airplanes, Trains… However cars were always closest to my heart.

In the age of 18 I’ve got my licence and never left the wheel. It’s the only place in the car where I feel comfy and safe. In wide range of EU and JAP cars I did my first 2 milions behind the wheel across almost whole continental Europe.

In 2015 I founded My Classic Ride to share my experience and passion for classic cars.

In 2017 – in my 36 – after an genuine american car came into our family I started over from the scratch just with much more driving experience than in my 18. New member of my is 1994 Buick Park Avenue with an naturally aspired 3.8l engine in US/CAN spec. The specification makes every single work on it a little adventure, because Buick left european market in late 90s. That’s why I’m telling I’m starting over.

I was always into the art and enterainment. Most of my adult years I’ve been doing graphic design, photography and videography for living. So the obvious step was to build My Classic Ride from 99.9% on my own pictures and videos.

All captured and postproduced by me, myself and I only! 

Lack of stylish apparel with automotive themes convinced me to start designing my own apparel and accesories based on my own pictures.