Central Bohemia is my homebase area so I travel a lot around this area. Here I come with an excellent tip where to get a fine food while travelling on our interstate No.9

The place which I want to show you is a stealthy building standing right next to the Obříství-intersection on No. 9 interstate. That means you can reach it in few minutes from Prague as same as from Mělník or Kralupy nad Vltavou.

I’ve been driving through this place for many years but I first considered the place some kind of farm or something. A parking lot by the road. Behind it there are animal enclosures. Who’d expect a fine restaurant in there?

Restaurace Na Štěpáně

Obříství 82, 277 42 Obříství
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Every time I’m entering a restaurant I don’t know yet I’m wondering about the welcome feeling. Here it’s absolutely all right. Waitresses welcome you with a friendly smile, you enter a nice place with just enough tables as same as great light level so you don’t sleep in a minute.

Let’s have some beef

Now let’s be honest! I’m a bit complicated guest. I have really picky taste plus two food alergies which makes me for some chefs a bit annoying guest. On the other hand I love burgers and we visited the place during Special Burger Offer time… Great, I’m one step closer to my happiness 🙂

First I’m ordering homemade raspberry soda. No problem with making it without peppermint leaves which my picky tongue doesn’t like. And surprise. It’s not a common fruit syrup+water. It’s real soda made from raspberies. Yummy!

I’m ordering a cheeseburger – simpliest things show in my opinion the skills. Sadly the chilli mayo speaks against one of my alergy. Once again absolutely no problem to change it. No bothering speech or dumb faces… I feel like real and wanted guest. Nice!

Another nice surprise comes in a minute…

I’m sure in many restaurants you’re used to get pizza/bread w/ butter as a starter. Here they come with the starter too… But it fits the farm-like venue absolutely great. Fresh soft bread but there’s no boring butter only served in another shape. Here comes the lard with crackers! Simple. Rustic. Local. Just great!

But how the hell was the beef?!

OK. Let’s drop my overwhelming by the starter. One of waitresses arrives with the burger. I mean burger!

When we’re talking about burgers I’m kinda nasty fight-dog. When I’m not satisfied I bark! No semi-finished frozen paper thin meat is good for me! Woof! Woof!

It was simply great. Just what I’ve expected. Salad separates glazed onion and sauce from lower bun so it won’t disintegrate to the dust. Sweet (probably self produced) tomatoes. Nice layer of cheddar and smoked bacon, just enough crispy. In the middle there sat about one and half inch thick ground meet. Made just as I love it. I call it “vampire style” – juicy red meat with just accurate portion of spice…

mmmm… my taste just got an orgasm! 🙂


There’s a camera with a live feed from the parking lot. Every petrolhead must appreciate! But it has also the shade… Don’t even try to scratch your ass or worse after you get out of the car if you don’t want to entertain all guests 🙂

When your stomach gets full, you can go relax to backyard. There’s a little farm including goats, sheeps and even a pony! Mustang riders must apreciate that, right? Just beware of chickens. They are all around and of course they are sh***ing everywhere, so watch your steps! 🙂


Full house! In my humble opinion this is definitely a restaurant ou need to visit when you’re around the place!

Clean. Cozy. Stylish. Local. Friendly. Simply great!

Just a bit hidden, so ou might be looking for it for the first time…

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