Why would I write a single character about something so common like light bulbs replacement?

I live in the center of Europe. And my car comes from Michigan, US! It’s genuine us-spec. And it’s my first american car ever. Translation?

Even a simpliest replacement can turn into a little adventure.

This adventure started when my right corner light came off. As usual I checked the manual for the type of the bulb and drove to my closest car parts store… “I’d like to get new one ninety four NA bulbs” …I received just a dumb expression and “What?”

I started digging and successfully learned that we have those in Europe too. Of course. It’s just called W5YW in amber and W5W in white. Lovely codes, right? 🙂

Corner lights are now glowing as they are ment to. Even if I found out during the replacement that the only wrench size I couldn’t find in the car and in my home tools too is the lucky seven which I need to remove nuts on corner light / turn signal lamps 🙂 Fun part was I decided to replace them on December 24th 😀
So pliers had to do the part 🙂

However in Europe area I haven’t found one piece of the puzzle yet.

Damned L24 bulb

Even if I’m trying as hard as I can. I also engaged my fans to help, I can’t find in any european store ACDelco L24 bulb… A small bulb which I need for my rear sidemarkers… 5mm socket, all-glass bulb with 3.3W… This looks like Mission Impossible!

I give it few more days and then give up and get them from RockAuto as most of the parts 🙂

btw. this one shown in the picture below illuminates my right sidemarker for 24years and more than 144k miles! What a stamina!

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